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Witches Hat Snack

This is just fun to make and eat. Kids can do lots of it by themselves from unwrapping the Hershey kiss to spreading the icing.You may need to help them hold the bag but they can squeeze out the icing.


Witches Hat snack

You will need:

Hershey kisses, one for each hat

Fudge striped Keebler cookie

Icing purple and orange.

Writing tip for the orange icing

Wooden stick for spreading icing


Place the Keebler cookie upside down on a plate.

Use the wooden stick to spread purple icing onto the cookie.

Unwrap the Hershey’s kiss place pointed side up onto the cookie.

Use a tube of orange icing with the writing tip to place a line where the kiss and cookie meet. Make a little bow if you like.

From the Betty Crocker website.

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  • Kate

    These were super cute and yummy, too! And I love that the kids could make them. I may use this idea for future Halloween parties – thanks for sharing!

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