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Tasty Turkey Treats

Create tasty turkeys using doughnut holes, candy corn, milk duds, candy eyes, and chocolate to glue it together. For the 4 year old children, I make the turkey heads but the kids do the rest.

Tasty doughnut Turkeys

You will need:

Doughnut holes ( I like Dunkin- chocolate glazed).  Keep in the refrigerator until needed.

Candy Corn (kids can break off white tips- save white tips to use as turkey beaks)

Milk Duds

Edible candy eyes which can be bought at many grocery or craft stores

Chocolate coating (from baking or craft stores) or chocolate chips-If using chocolate wafers save some to use as a base for the turkey to stand on. Otherwise use chocolate cookies that have a flat base.

lollipop sticks (optional) or you can use a small flat chocolate cookie or chocolate wafer as a stand


Gather Candy Corn white tips, Milk Duds, and candy eyes.

To make the turkey heads. Melt chocolate. See melting chocolate under the recipes if you’re not sure how. Dip the toothpick into the melted chocolate and spread a small amount onto one side about halfway up the Milk Dud. Press two candy eyes onto the melted chocolate on the Milk Dud. Hold in place until it sets. It may take 10-20 seconds. Repeat with beaks to Milk Duds just below the eyes. Set aside. Make as many turkey heads as you will need.

To make the turkey bodies on a stand or stick so they don’t roll use chocolate as glue. Dip the bottom of a  doughnut hole into the chocolate and set onto a chocolate wafer or chocolate cookie flat side down. If using a lollipop stick, dip lollipop stick into chocolate and place halfway into the doughnut. Set aside. Make as many turkey bodies as you have heads.

To attach the turkey head to the body, children place some melted chocolate on back of turkey’s head and press gently onto the doughnut hole near the top. Children can use a craft stick or toothpick to spread the melted chocolate. Hold in place until chocolate sets. Can be 10-30 seconds.

To make the turkey’s feathers, gather Candy Corn and doughnut holesMake sure the white tips are broken off. It is easier to attach without the tip. Have your child hold the wide end of the Candy Corn and dip the smaller end into the melted chocolate then place it behind the turkey’s head. Press gently into the doughnut so you don’t crack the doughnut. Start with one in the center and then work to the right of the center and the left of the center. Have the child hold it in place and count to 10. If the chocolate hasn’t set then count to 10 again. It sets faster when the doughnut hole is cold.




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