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Weave a spider web

Kids use fine motor skills to weave a spider web using cardboard and yarn. This takes some thought and hand-eye coordination to be able to turn the cardboard as they weave. You will need: 4-5 inch square of cardboard with 4-5 notches cut along each side. Make each side have the same number of notches. White or black yarn Plastic spider rings Directions: Begin
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Spider Story Web

This is an amazing activity. The children become aware that they are part of the spider web.You need a ball of yarn. You may need to roll this in advance. I like to use white yarn with glitter or sparkles. It helps to have one teacher as part of the circle and one helping the children or helping to roll the ball. Two points
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What’s inside a Pumpkin booklet?

What’s inside a Pumpkin Booklet? You will need: Two pumpkin shapes cut from two pieces of orange construction paper, 2 pumpkin shapes cut from white cardstock, pumpkin seeds, orange yarn, one brad. Directions: On the first piece of orange construction paper write  What’s inside a pumpkin?  (page 1) Glue pumpkin seeds to one of the white pieces of cardstock.                                  (page 2) Glue orange pieces
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