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Natural Bird Feeder

Natural Bird Feeder Make a heart shaped bird feeder to feed the birds all winter long. You will need:                                                                                     4 cups bird
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Snow Cream-Cream of Wheat

I grew up in Maryland where we couldn’t wait for the first snowfall. My mother would send us out to scrape off the top layer of snow and put a few cups into a bowl. We would then add milk, sugar, vanilla to the snow and stir or put into a blender. This is a recipe that comes closest to the flavor and texture
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Christmas Sleigh or Winter Sled

This sled is great as a party favor or place holder. Use colors of blue and silver for a winter sled and green and red for a Christmas sleigh. You will need: Snack size candy bars that are rectangular in shape.For the Christmas sleigh I used Kit Kats and Andes mints. For the Winter sled I used a snack size Peppermint patty, Vanilla Tootsie
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