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Celery Prints

Celery Prints Budding artists can create an amazing flower garden. These turn out perfect every time. You will need: 2 stalks of Celery with the bulb attached Purple and pink (or whatever color you like) paint Green paint for the leaves 2 rubber bands that fit around the bulbs of the celery Paper plates for paint Directions: Place the two rubber bands around the
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Snowman Family

This project is so very cute but I must warn you, it’s easy to get carried away-I did. The original idea came from  http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2010/11/family-snowman-portraits.html. Working with 4 year old’s, it took us 1 week to complete. You will need: 8X10″ canvas for up to a family of 5 9X12″ canvas for larger families White and baby blue acrylic paint Sponges that you cut into
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Marble Spider Art

This is fun to do with black construction paper and white paint. Also coordinates with the Spider Story Web. You will need: Black construction paper cut to fit into a 9 X 13 pan or other pan that is 2 inches deep. White paint and a spider decoration such as a ring. Optional:glitter Place paper into the pan. Put the marble into the white
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Leaf Print Wall hanging

Leaf Print Wall hanging This is an activity that captures the lovely colors of Fall. Kids learn about the veins of leaves.   You will need: Leaves from different types of trees ( be sure the veins on the back of the leaves are prominent). White construction paper 12X18″. Yarn in a Fall color about 22″ in length so that when tied it will
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Spring Garden-Celery Painting

Welcome in the Spring by making a garden you can wear using celery and fabric paint and t-shirts. You will need: Two colors of fabric paint. I like to use purple and pink. Optional green fabric paint. Two bundles of celery with the bulb attached. Two rubber bands. Sponge applicator or paintbrush. Directions: Place the rubber bands about three inches from the bottom of
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