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Leaves Are Falling

Leaves Are Falling The red leaves are falling, are falling, are falling. (Stand up straight and tall. As the leaves are falling wiggle your fingers and have them fall The red leaves are falling right down to the ground.(Have your fingers fall all the way to the ground). As you do this fingerplay, you can include colors in sign language. Here is a link
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Pumpkin Surprise Story

Pumpkin Surprise This is a fun fall activity and story that can be done anywhere. You need a piece of  orange construction paper and a pair of scissors. I prefer to cut rather than to tear.  Author is Dr. Jean Feldman

What’s inside a Pumpkin booklet?

What’s inside a Pumpkin Booklet? You will need: Two pumpkin shapes cut from two pieces of orange construction paper, 2 pumpkin shapes cut from white cardstock, pumpkin seeds, orange yarn, one brad. Directions: On the first piece of orange construction paper write  What’s inside a pumpkin?  (page 1) Glue pumpkin seeds to one of the white pieces of cardstock.                                  (page 2) Glue orange pieces
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