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Halloween Math-What Patterns Can You Make?

This is a cute way to use Halloween shapes to make patterns. Begin with a simple pattern that you place at the top of the paper. I made this by cutting a Halloween garland into pieces.   You will need: Two or three Halloween shapes. I used pumpkins with two different faces, one silly face and one happy face and a ghost. I placed
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Disappearing Ghost Story

Kids are fascinated by a disappearing ghost. They’ll ask you to do this again and again. Wipe a chalkboard clean with a damp sponge. Plan to tell a story about a ghost. You can make one up or read Georgie and the Robbers by Robert Bright. Before you begin the story take the damp sponge and draw the shape of a ghost on the
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Make a Monster-Frankenstein

This is a wonderful open-ended project where youngsters can create whatever type of monster they want. Constructing their own monster helps to alleviate the fear of monsters. I like to make these projects as Halloween approaches. You will need: Purple and green construction paper 9X12 (using one color as background and cutting other color slightly smaller-about 1 1/2″ on each side. Pipe cleaners, yarn,
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Monster Marshmallow Treats

Make marshmallow Rice Krispies treats. Kids can decorate using green, black, white, and purple icing and gumdrops and fruit roll ups cut into zigzag strips for the mouth.This recipe is adapted from the Green Halloween Monster Treat on the Rice Krispie’s cereal website. You will need:                                                                                     9X13 pan sprayed with cooking spray 3 tablespoons  butter 1 package regular marshmallows 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal
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