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Candle centerpiece

This is a project that we do when we’re finished playing with beans in our sensory table. We use the beans to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece. You will need: A taper candle-orange is nice but red or white works too A plastic cup 4″ tall Assorted beans-black, red, green, yellow, and white White school glue Directions: Mix beans in a bowl to mix up
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Leaves Are Falling

Leaves Are Falling The red leaves are falling, are falling, are falling. (Stand up straight and tall. As the leaves are falling wiggle your fingers and have them fall The red leaves are falling right down to the ground.(Have your fingers fall all the way to the ground). As you do this fingerplay, you can include colors in sign language. Here is a link
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Bat Crackers

These yummy crackers are easy to make. Kids can use a bat cookie cutter to cut them out and a pastry brush or fingers to brush on olive or seasoned oil. Check out my other bat activities. You will need: Flour tortilla shells Olive oil Seasoning salt Bat cookie cutter (or paring knife) Pastry brush (fingers work too) Directions: Stack 3 or 4 tortilla
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Apple Tree Fingerplay

Apple Tree Way up high in the apple tree (point up to a pretend tree) Two little apples smiled at me (put two fingers up) I shook that tree as hard as I could (using both hands pretend to shake hard) Down came the apples, mmm were they good (rub your tummy)

Apple Pie Playdough

I love making scented playdough for different activities. September is our time for studying apples so I have to make apple or cinnamon scented playdough. I use two playdough recipes. KoolAid playdough works great but you are limited to the flavors that KoolAid makes. The following recipe can be scented with any oil flavoring. I prefer LorAnn oils. Some of the flavorings are stronger than
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