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Spring Garden-Celery Painting

Celery print t-shirt

Welcome in the Spring by making a garden you can wear using celery and fabric paint and t-shirts.

You will need:

Two colors of fabric paint. I like to use purple and pink. Optional green fabric paint.

Two bundles of celery with the bulb attached.

Two rubber bands.

Sponge applicator or paintbrush.


Place the rubber bands about three inches from the bottom of the bulb of celery. Using a sharp knife cut the celery next to the rubber band. The rubber band should still be attached on the bulb side of the celery. Do this with both celery bundles.

Now you should have two celery bulbs with a rubber band around each one. Now hold the bulb so the celery is facing you. You should be able to see a rose. Using the paint brush paint the cut part of the celery completely with one color and press onto a t-shirt. Do this with each color of paint.

(Optional) Use the individual pieces of celery to create buds or leaves.


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