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Spider Story Web

This is an amazing activity. The children become aware that they are part of the spider web.You need a ball of yarn. You may need to roll this in advance. I like to use white yarn with glitter or sparkles. It helps to have one teacher as part of the circle and one helping the children or helping to roll the ball.

Two points for safety-Make sure the ball is rolled under the developing web. Otherwise knots are formed. Secondly, when everyone has had a turn and you have created a spider web all the children have the yarn around their waist. Tell the children not to move until you have each child one at a time stand up and step out of the web by pushing the yarn to the floor. Have scissors handy in case you need to cut the yarn.

Have the children make a circle by holding hands. Let go of your hands and sit down. With younger children have them sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. As you begin the song hold the ball of yarn and put it around your back and bring it back in front of you so it is loosely wrapped around you waist. Now roll the yarn to a child across from you while you are holding the end of that piece of yarn. Have that child do the same with the ball gently wrapping it around their waist and rolling to a child across from them.

With older children have them create a story web as they roll the ball of yarn. You can begin the story and have the child that has the yarn continue the story. Each child takes a turn until the web is complete. They usually begin to realize that they are part of the web towards the end.

This method mirrors how a spider weaves it’s web. It throws out the first thread and if it catches something it continues to weave. It continues to weave anchoring its points.

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