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Snowman Family

This project is so very cute but I must warn you, it’s easy to get carried away-I did. The original idea came from  http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2010/11/family-snowman-portraits.html.

Working with 4 year old’P1000380resize3s, it took us 1 week to complete.

You will need:

8X10″ canvas for up to a family of 5

9X12″ canvas for larger families

White and baby blue acrylic paint

Sponges that you cut into descending round shapes

Cardstock in various colors, felt, pom poms, small buttons or other adornments you happen to have.

Day 1 : Draw a horizon line lightly with a pencil about 1/5th from the bottom of the canvas.P1000358(1) resize

Have children use a paintbrush to paint baby blue above the line. Allow to dry 45 minutes or so. Place white paint onto a plate and using a sponge applicator, pounce the white paint below the line.

Day 2: Put white paint onto paper plate. Using the sponges cut into circle shapes in descending order, have child dip sponge into paint and place onto canvas to make snowman. Make one snowman for        P1000365resize                                 each member of the family. Some children wanted to add their dogs so I cut out a dog shape from one sponge.


Day 3: Now using tacky glue, add hats, scarves, ties, mittens, buttons, ear muffs, and any other adornments you would like.

P1000373resizeLastly, using a toothpick, lightly dab white paint over sky area for snow. We dabbed a little over the clothing as well.

You can seal it with Mod Podge and then an acrylic sealer. I also put a sawtooth hanger on the back.

Note: “Pouncing” the paint creates texture which looks like snow. Also you can sprinkle glitter onto the snow and snowmen but don’t sprinkle glitter where you will be painting faces. It’s difficult to draw through the glitter.



  • Jackie

    This turned out really really nice! I love how Jarrett is petting Abbey. :-)

  • Cindy

    This picture is adorable, especially since Jude put a crown on my head! Mommy’s a snow princess! I love it.

  • Lisa

    This picture is so precious! We are going to leave it hanging up year round, it is just too cute! I love how the family members are proportionately sized, and all decked out with hats, scarves and gloves – love it!!

  • Kate

    This snowman picture is hanging in the living room right now and I’m sure it will make an appearance for many years to come. Too cute!

  • Anne

    When my daughter brought this project home, she spent about 20 concentrated minutes (a LONG time for an active preschooler!) explaining her thought process of what accessories she selected for each family member. It was surprising how purposeful she was in her selections! Adorable :) We have it hanging up in the hallway by the front door to show off!

    • Jean

      We were surprised at how much time all the children spent in making these decisions for each member of their family.

      • Anne

        A year later…we hung up this snowman family display for the second year and when we had guests over, we got several compliments on it. One person could not believe it was a project that a 4-year-old worked on and thought it was professionally made !! :)

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