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Owl Puppet

Owl Paper Bag Puppet

This paper bag hand puppet is a nice activity to do in the Fall. You can use it to teach about nocturnal creatures and shapes and the letter Oo.

You will need:

A paper bag

Yellow construction paper cut into 2  1 3/4″ diameter circles (one set of eyes for each owl).

Brown construction paper cut into 2  1″ circles (pupils of eyes), 2 triangles cut for ears.

Brown markers or crayons for making feathers.

An orange triangle cut for the beak.


Kid us a glue stick to glue shapes onto paper bag. They can draw feathers onto their paper bag with markers or crayons.

Learn about letter Oo

Learn about Shapes

Read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Use puppets with Owl Fingerplays.


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