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Natural Fall Wreath

Natural Fall Wreath

These natural fall wreaths are beautiful and help to develop fine motor skills. Kids use their fingers to pick up objects to place on their wreath. You could make an activity of going on a nature walk with a bag and collect many of these objects. I sometimes like to add colorful popcorn kernels.


Collect acorns, seeds from pumpkins or trees, small pinecones and other natural items.

You will need: 2 large paper plates stapled together, glue, and a brush or sponge applicator. Using scissors, cut out the middle of the plates leaving about 2 inches around the rim. On the table lay out all the nature supplies and a container of glue with a brush or sponge applicator.

Kids brush the rims with glue and press down the seeds, colorful popcorn kernels, and other small items. The pinecones may need to be dipped into the glue and placed onto the plate. Lay flat to dry overnight.

When dry, make a ribbon to staple to the wreath either at the top or bottom.


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  • sophie stopak

    Hi Jean What a super cute idea ! I am going to do this with my kindergartners.. I will let you know how they turn out! Have a great day. BTW great website.

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