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Mixing colors using magnets/paints/letterMm

Letter Mm and magnets are brought to life in this fun activity/craft. It utilizes eye-hand coordination and balance and the science of magnets is fully explored. Kids are fascinated by this project.

You will need:

A metal pan 9X11″ works well.

A piece of construction paper cut to fit inside the metal pan.

A few magnetic marbles and a magnetic wand.

Paint (washable is best since the marbles sometimes roll out of the pan and onto the floor).

A small bowl to hold the paint and marbles (reuse cream cheese size bowl).


Place paint in bowls. I like to use two colors of paint and two bowls. Put marbles into bowls of paint.

Place construction paper into the metal pan.

Using a plastic spoon, scoop out one marble and place it into the metal pan. While the adult holds the metal pan, the child moves the magnetic ball using the magnetic wand from underneath the metal pan.

Add another marble or take turns using the two different marbles in the different colored paints to make a design.

If you use red and yellow you can make orange, blue and yellow to make green, and blue and red to make purple.

Magnets and marbles begin with letter Mm.

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