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Learning new names

In the beginning of the year it is difficult for children to learn everyone names. Here are two fun ways to help children learn each others names as well as the teachers’ name. The first game, Circle game, is a good way to begin the school year. The second game Guess who’s under the blanket is requested almost daily all year long.

1.Circle Game. Have the children make a circle by holding hands. When everyone is holding each others hands, you have a circle. Have them drop their hands and sit down. Roll a ball to each child saying their name and then have them roll it back to you while they say your name. When they begin to learn your name, you can ask them to roll it to another child saying their name.


2. Guess who’s under the blanket. Have the children make a circle as stated above. One child is chosen to go hide their eyes. While the first child is hiding their eyes, a second child is chosen to go into the center of the circle and make themselves as small as possible. Gently lay a blanket over the child in the center of the circle.

Have the child who was hiding their eyes return to the circle. Ask them to look around the circle and see who is missing. You can give clues if they don’t know.

Clue 1: “Person under the blanket, put out your foot”. You can then ask the child who is guessing if the shoe belongs to a boy or a girl.

Clue 2: You can pull back the blanket enough to show a little bit of the child’s hair. Ask the child who is guessing “Is it blonde, brown, or black”? Do you remember who has this color hair?

Clue 3: The name of the child hiding under the blanket begins ___________ letter. “Who’s name begins with ___________”?

Once everyone knows each other you can alter the game by putting more than one child under the blanket, letting the teacher go under the blanket or have each child bring in a stuffed animal and place the animal under the blanket.


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