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Leaf Print Wall hanging

Leaf Print Wall hanging

This is an activity that captures the lovely colors of Fall. Kids learn about the veins of leaves.


You will need:

Leaves from different types of trees ( be sure the veins on the back of the leaves are prominent).

White construction paper 12X18″.

Yarn in a Fall color about 22″ in length so that when tied it will fit under the folded edge of the construction paper and allow it to hang.

Red, yellow, and orange tempra paint.

Sponge applicator or brush


In advance using white construction paper, fold over edge on the shorter side. Tie the ends of the yarn. Place yarn under folded edge and staple closed. Bring in leaves with good veins. Paint back of leaves with yellow, orange, red paint with a thin layer of paint. Place leaves painted side up on table in a nice order. Lay construction paper over and press. Use your fingers and press all along the veins of each leaf. Lift up construction paper and peel off any remaining leaves. Hang to dry.

Do Leaves are Falling fingerplay.

Read Let it Fall by Maryann Cocca Leffler or Fall Leaves Fall by Zoe Hall or Shari Halpern

Science-talk about how leaves help the tree by absorbing sunlight and making food for the tree to grow.



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