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Leaf art and science project

Leaf Art and Science Project

Kids build fine motor skills, learn science, and have a great time making this beautiful leaf art project. They are spell-bound watching the colors move through the paper towel.

You will need: A paper towel, food colors (yellow, red, blue-diluted with water), a tray to place the paper towel into, droppers for each color and plastic gloves for each child.

Directions:  Draw a leaf shape with a sharpie onto a paper towel. Place the paper towel into a tray (so your table isn’t dyed from the food coloring). Place food coloring into small cups and add some water to dilute about a 2 to 1 ratio of food coloring to water. Put a dropper into each cup. The child uses the dropper to pick up the colored water and drop onto the paper towel. As the water hits the paper towel it moves through the paper towel.

This is called “capillary action.”. There is space in between the fibers of the paper towels which allows the water to move through it.

Diluting the colors allows them to blend nicely to make the orange, green and purple colors.

Learning how to use the droppers to pull the water into them and squeeze the water out requires fine motor skills as well as seeing that the air must be removed to allow the water to fill the space.

When dry, cut out the leaf shape and place on a 8X11 piece of construction paper.


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