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Halloween Math-What Patterns Can You Make?

This is a cute way to use Halloween shapes to make patterns. Begin with a simple pattern that you place at the top of the paper. I made this by cutting a Halloween garland into pieces.


You will need:

Two or three Halloween shapes. I used pumpkins with two different faces, one silly face and one happy face and a ghost. I placed the pattern at the top-pumpkin, ghost, pumpkin, ghost. Then we began the pattern at the bottom-pumpkin, ghost, pumpkin, ghost…then asked the child “what comes next”?

Once they understand this simple pattern, you can begin to make it more complicated-pumpkin, pumpkin, ghost/pumpkin, pumpkin, ghost

pumpkin, pumpkin, ghost, ghost

silly pumpkin,ghost,happy pumpkin

happy pumpkin, silly pumpkin, ghost

happy pumpkin, silly pumpkin, ghost, silly pumpkin, happy pumpkin

This last pattern is quite complicated but every year I have at least one child that is able to follow it.




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