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Disappearing ghost

Make a ghost that kids can make appear and disappear again and again.

You will need: a black cup, Halloween stamps, craft stick, white paint and a ghost shape cut out of construction paper.

Directions: Have kids us Halloween stamps and white paint to print onto the black cup. Have the ghost shape cut out or if kids are old enough they can cut the shape themselves. Attach the shape to the craft stick. The child can give his ghost a face. An adult cuts a hole in the bottom of the cup the same size as the craft stick.

When the cup is dry, the child can pull the craft stick down to make their ghost disappear or push it up to make it appear.


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  • Anne

    My advice: MAKE THIS CRAFT!!! It’s easy to do and kids (and their younger toddler siblings) love this! Our daughter made this craft in class and so it ended up in my car. On the drive home, I heard giggling, pause, giggling, pause, etc. At a red light, I turned around to see what was so funny and my daughter was showing off her disappearing ghost to her 1-year-old brother (who usually has a very short attention span). The following weekend, my sister-in-law saw the craft and commented on how cute it was. This is simple to make so kids can do it without frustration — it would be a great craft to make at a Halloween Party!

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