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Disappearing Ghost Story

Kids are fascinated by a disappearing ghost. They’ll ask you to do this again and again.

Wipe a chalkboard clean with a damp sponge. Plan to tell a story about a ghost. You can make one up or read Georgie and the Robbers by Robert Bright.

Before you begin the story take the damp sponge and draw the shape of a ghost on the chalkboard.  When I draw the ghost I say, “this is Gus the ghost and he wants to hear the story” or if you’re reading Georgie and the Robbers say “this is Georgie and he wants to hear the story”.

Sit in front of the chalkboard as you read or tell the story about the ghost. It takes about 2-3 minutes for the ghost on the chalkboard  to disappear.

For younger children explain that this is called evaporation.

Science- Random movement of the surface molecules creates energy which allows it to escape from the surface into the air. Several factors affect how fast it evaporates:

A. The temperature of the air and the water

B. The amount of surface water

C. The humidity of the air.


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  • Anne

    Great idea!! This is a fun way to read with the kids and teach them about science as well. Last night, we overheard our daughter explaining to her stuffed animals how water can change and It’s really great to see how complex concepts are sinking into a 4-year-old’s brain!

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