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Cherry Blossoms/Dogwood Tree Painting

Cherry Blossom Painting

I love doing group projects where the class creates a beautiful picture together. This turned out better than I could have imagined.

You will need:Cherry Blossom-Dogwood Tree

Two shades of pink paint-one light and one dark

Brown paint

Cotton balls


Paper plates for paint


Place a thin layer of the two pink paints onto the paper plates.

Using a brush, brush the paper lightly with water. This will make the paint spread slightly.

Attach the clothespins to the cotton balls so that the child can dip the cotton ball into the paint using the clothespin.

Keep the light pink cotton ball with the light pink paint and the dark pink cotton ball with the dark pink paint.

Paint randomly all over the paper.

When dry, use a brush and the brown paint to brush on the branches.


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