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Celery Prints

Celery PrintsCelery Prints

Budding artists can create an amazing flower garden. These turn out perfect every time.

You will need:

2 stalks of Celery with the bulb attached

Purple and pink (or whatever color you like) paint

Green paint for the leaves

2 rubber bands that fit around the bulbs of the celery

Paper plates for paint


Place the two rubber bands around the bulbs of celery bout 3 inches from the bottom.

Using a chef’s knife, cut the celery just above where the rubber band is located. Be sure the cut is straight so that the celery is cut evenly.

Look at the cut celery. You should be able to see a rose shape. Any stalks that take away from the shape can be removed. Set cut side down onto paper towels to absorb the moisture.

Place a thin layer of each color of paint onto a dinner size paper plate.

Holding the celery by the bulb press the cut side down into the pink paint. Be sure all the celery tips are coated with paint. Press onto the paper in random places.

Repeat with purple color. Keep the purple bulb with the purple paint and the pink bulb with the pink paint.

Now take one of the cut pieces of celery and place cut side down into the green paint. Place near the flowers for leaves.

I cut a frame out of construction paper to put around the print.


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