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Christmas Sleigh or Winter Sled

This sled is great as a party favor or place holder. Use colors of blue and silver for a winter sled and green and red for a Christmas sleigh. You will need: Snack size candy bars that are rectangular in shape.For the Christmas sleigh I used Kit Kats and Andes mints. For the Winter sled I used a snack size Peppermint patty, Vanilla Tootsie
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Christmas or Victorian Ornament

This is a project for children 4 and up. You could make a green wreath with berries using green and red bells or maybe a Victorian wreath using silver and a rose colored bow. You will need: For each wreath you need 15   1/2 inch  or 12.7mm bells( for the green and red wreath I used 12 green and 3 red bells) A pipe
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Mixing colors using magnets/paints/letterMm

Letter Mm and magnets are brought to life in this fun activity/craft. It utilizes eye-hand coordination and balance and the science of magnets is fully explored. Kids are fascinated by this project. You will need: A metal pan 9X11″ works well. A piece of construction paper cut to fit inside the metal pan. A few magnetic marbles and a magnetic wand. Paint (washable is
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Valentine Mice

We make chocolates for Valentines day. This is everyone’s favorite One of the best kid-friendly recipes. Kids can unwrap Hershey Kisses, help to dry cherries, hold by the stem and dip into chocolate, place on the ears and paint the face. Valentine Mice You will need: Maraschino cherries with stems Hershey’s kisses (same number as you have cherries-unwrapped) Almond slices (a pair for each
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Hand in hand

This is one of my parents favorite keepsakes and often gets framed! Hand in Hand You will need: Beige and red tempra paint, 8X11 piece of white card stock, a paintbrush or sponge applicator. Optional: A pink heart sticker or construction paper heart. Paint the parent, grandparent, or caregiver’s palm with a beige paint. Place the hand painted side down onto the card stock.
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