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Spider Story Web

This is an amazing activity. The children become aware that they are part of the spider web.You need a ball of yarn. You may need to roll this in advance. I like to use white yarn with glitter or sparkles. It helps to have one teacher as part of the circle and one helping the children or helping to roll the ball. Two points
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Pumpkin Surprise Story

Pumpkin Surprise This is a fun fall activity and story that can be done anywhere. You need a piece of  orange construction paper and a pair of scissors. I prefer to cut rather than to tear.  Author is Dr. Jean Feldman

Disappearing Ghost Story

Kids are fascinated by a disappearing ghost. They’ll ask you to do this again and again. Wipe a chalkboard clean with a damp sponge. Plan to tell a story about a ghost. You can make one up or read Georgie and the Robbers by Robert Bright. Before you begin the story take the damp sponge and draw the shape of a ghost on the
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Mixing colors using magnets/paints/letterMm

Letter Mm and magnets are brought to life in this fun activity/craft. It utilizes eye-hand coordination and balance and the science of magnets is fully explored. Kids are fascinated by this project. You will need: A metal pan 9X11″ works well. A piece of construction paper cut to fit inside the metal pan. A few magnetic marbles and a magnetic wand. Paint (washable is
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The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Reading The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn is a great way to begin the school year. After reading the story, kiss your child on the palm of his/her hand. Children will often give you a kiss on the palm of your hand. See the following activities on this website. *Heart cookies *Nocturnal animals song *Nocturnal animal puppets *Hand in hand art project