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Witch Finger play

This is a fun finger play to do with the witch finger puppet also on this site. Silly witch I saw a silly witch last night flying past the pale moonlight She swooped up high above the trees And then down low brushing the leaves She landed softly by my feet And sweetly said  “Trick or Treat”

Spider Story Web

This is an amazing activity. The children become aware that they are part of the spider web.You need a ball of yarn. You may need to roll this in advance. I like to use white yarn with glitter or sparkles. It helps to have one teacher as part of the circle and one helping the children or helping to roll the ball. Two points
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Leaves Are Falling

Leaves Are Falling The red leaves are falling, are falling, are falling. (Stand up straight and tall. As the leaves are falling wiggle your fingers and have them fall The red leaves are falling right down to the ground.(Have your fingers fall all the way to the ground). As you do this fingerplay, you can include colors in sign language. Here is a link
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Owl Fingerplays

Use this fingerplay with the owl puppet from this site. This is another way to help children learn each others names. Sung to the tune “Skip to my Lou”. First child holds up his puppet and says his own name in the song: “Kate” owl says who, who, who? “Kate owl says who, who, who? “Kate” owl says who, who, who? Who, who who
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Apple Tree Fingerplay

Apple Tree Way up high in the apple tree (point up to a pretend tree) Two little apples smiled at me (put two fingers up) I shook that tree as hard as I could (using both hands pretend to shake hard) Down came the apples, mmm were they good (rub your tummy)