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Snow Cream-Cream of Wheat

I grew up in Maryland where we couldn’t wait for the first snowfall. My mother would send us out to scrape off the top layer of snow and put a few cups into a bowl. We would then add milk, sugar, vanilla to the snow and stir or put into a blender. This is a recipe that comes closest to the flavor and texture
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Tasty Turkey Treats

Create tasty turkeys using doughnut holes, candy corn, milk duds, candy eyes, and chocolate to glue it together. For the 4 year old children, I make the turkey heads but the kids do the rest. You will need: Doughnut holes ( I like Dunkin- chocolate glazed).  Keep in the refrigerator until needed. Candy Corn (kids can break off white tips- save white tips to
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Witches Hat Snack

This is just fun to make and eat. Kids can do lots of it by themselves from unwrapping the Hershey kiss to spreading the icing.You may need to help them hold the bag but they can squeeze out the icing.   You will need: Hershey kisses, one for each hat Fudge striped Keebler cookie Icing purple and orange. Writing tip for the orange icing
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Melting and working with chocolate

Chocolate is fun to work with and versatile. I would suggest buying tempered chocolate. Tempered chocolate is chocolate that has been heated and cooled many times with the temperature being raised each time. It allows you to heat and reheat without the chocolate thickening and becoming difficult to work with. Be sure not to put any water or water based flavorings into the chocolate.
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Ghost Banana Pops

Make a nutritious  and delicious banana treat that looks just like a ghost. For my 4 year old class I cut the banana into thirds. I used a paring knife to shape the middle piece so all three pieces had the same shape. To make 9 ghosts you need 3 firm bananas. For older children, you could cut the banana in half. You will
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