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Celery Prints

Celery Prints Budding artists can create an amazing flower garden. These turn out perfect every time. You will need: 2 stalks of Celery with the bulb attached Purple and pink (or whatever color you like) paint Green paint for the leaves 2 rubber bands that fit around the bulbs of the celery Paper plates for paint Directions: Place the two rubber bands around the
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Natural Bird Feeder

Natural Bird Feeder Make a heart shaped bird feeder to feed the birds all winter long. You will need:                                                                                     4 cups bird
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Make the letter Q and dinosaurs come to life by making quicksand also known as Oobleck. We use small dinosaurs and let them sink into the quicksand. The kids try to pull them out-it’s much harder than you think. You will need: 1 box of cornstarch water Directions: Begin by pouring 1 1/2 cups of cornstarch into a metal tray. Add 1 cup of
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Painting with ice

  Create liquid paint using powdered paint and ice. As the ice melts, the water mixes with the powder to make liquid paint. You will need: Powdered tempra paint Ice cubes Fingerpaint paper Directions: Sprinkle dry powdered paint onto fingerpaint paper. Give child an ice cube. The child moves the ice cube around the powdered paint. As the ice melts, the powder becomes liquid.
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Candle centerpiece

This is a project that we do when we’re finished playing with beans in our sensory table. We use the beans to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece. You will need: A taper candle-orange is nice but red or white works too A plastic cup 4″ tall Assorted beans-black, red, green, yellow, and white White school glue Directions: Mix beans in a bowl to mix up
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