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Pumpkin Surprise Story

Pumpkin Surprise This is a fun fall activity and story that can be done anywhere. You need a piece of  orange construction paper and a pair of scissors. I prefer to cut rather than to tear.  Author is Dr. Jean Feldman

Ghost Footprint

I’ve always loved using hand prints and foot prints on art projects. Now that my own children are grown, it makes me smile to see their little hands and feet. You will need white paint, black paint and a dark bag or construction paper. It’s a nice project to place on a bag with a handle and then use it for Halloween as a
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Disappearing Ghost Story

Kids are fascinated by a disappearing ghost. They’ll ask you to do this again and again. Wipe a chalkboard clean with a damp sponge. Plan to tell a story about a ghost. You can make one up or read Georgie and the Robbers by Robert Bright. Before you begin the story take the damp sponge and draw the shape of a ghost on the
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Leaf Print Wall hanging

Leaf Print Wall hanging This is an activity that captures the lovely colors of Fall. Kids learn about the veins of leaves.   You will need: Leaves from different types of trees ( be sure the veins on the back of the leaves are prominent). White construction paper 12X18″. Yarn in a Fall color about 22″ in length so that when tied it will
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What’s inside a Pumpkin booklet?

What’s inside a Pumpkin Booklet? You will need: Two pumpkin shapes cut from two pieces of orange construction paper, 2 pumpkin shapes cut from white cardstock, pumpkin seeds, orange yarn, one brad. Directions: On the first piece of orange construction paper write  What’s inside a pumpkin?  (page 1) Glue pumpkin seeds to one of the white pieces of cardstock.                                  (page 2) Glue orange pieces
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