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Nocturnal Animal Stick Puppet

Nocturnal Animals Stick puppet Children love learning new big words. Using these stick puppets helps them to remember which animals come out at night and helps them remember the word Nocturnal. Make stick puppets of several nocturnal animals.  A racoon, owl, cat, tree frog, and a mouse. You can print out the animals from a coloring book or website and have your child color
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Apple Prints-Apples, apples, everywhere

It’s nice to use a vegetable or fruit in season to make an art project. Apples are best in September. Make apple prints. You will need: tempra paints in red, green, and yellow, a paper plate for each color of paint, an apple half for each color of paint, and white construction paper. Directions: Cut an apple in half vertically and one horizontally. Press
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Hand in hand

This is one of my parents favorite keepsakes and often gets framed! Hand in Hand You will need: Beige and red tempra paint, 8X11 piece of white card stock, a paintbrush or sponge applicator. Optional: A pink heart sticker or construction paper heart. Paint the parent, grandparent, or caregiver’s palm with a beige paint. Place the hand painted side down onto the card stock.
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