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Make a Monster-Frankenstein

This is a wonderful open-ended project where youngsters can create whatever type of monster they want. Constructing their own monster helps to alleviate the fear of monsters. I like to make these projects as Halloween approaches. You will need: Purple and green construction paper 9X12 (using one color as background and cutting other color slightly smaller-about 1 1/2″ on each side. Pipe cleaners, yarn,
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Spring Garden-Celery Painting

Welcome in the Spring by making a garden you can wear using celery and fabric paint and t-shirts. You will need: Two colors of fabric paint. I like to use purple and pink. Optional green fabric paint. Two bundles of celery with the bulb attached. Two rubber bands. Sponge applicator or paintbrush. Directions: Place the rubber bands about three inches from the bottom of
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Mixing colors using magnets/paints/letterMm

Letter Mm and magnets are brought to life in this fun activity/craft. It utilizes eye-hand coordination and balance and the science of magnets is fully explored. Kids are fascinated by this project. You will need: A metal pan 9X11″ works well. A piece of construction paper cut to fit inside the metal pan. A few magnetic marbles and a magnetic wand. Paint (washable is
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Apples and Worms-Building Fine Motor Skills

This activity helps to build hand strength which improves a child’s cutting and writing. It also ties in nicely with the story “The Red House with No Windows and No Doors and a Star Inside”. You will need: Red, yellow, or green construction paper Brown pipe cleaner, cut in half Hole punchers that preschoolers are able to use Directions: Cut an apple shape out
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Apples and acorns begin with letter A

Letter A Apples and acorns begin with letter Aa Cut out letter A and glue to a piece of construction paper. Glue  on apple and acorn sequins or stamp with acorn and apple stampers. “Apple and Acorn begin with Aa”. This helps children learn both A sounds. Writing out this sentence also  teaches that the first letter of a word in a sentence is
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