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Disappearing ghost

Make a ghost that kids can make appear and disappear again and again. You will need: a black cup, Halloween stamps, craft stick, white paint and a ghost shape cut out of construction paper. Directions: Have kids us Halloween stamps and white paint to print onto the black cup. Have the ghost shape cut out or if kids are old enough they can cut
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Weave a spider web

Kids use fine motor skills to weave a spider web using cardboard and yarn. This takes some thought and hand-eye coordination to be able to turn the cardboard as they weave. You will need: 4-5 inch square of cardboard with 4-5 notches cut along each side. Make each side have the same number of notches. White or black yarn Plastic spider rings Directions: Begin
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Leaf art and science project

Leaf Art and Science Project Kids build fine motor skills, learn science, and have a great time making this beautiful leaf art project. They are spell-bound watching the colors move through the paper towel. You will need: A paper towel, food colors (yellow, red, blue-diluted with water), a tray to place the paper towel into, droppers for each color and plastic gloves for each
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Marble Spider Art

This is fun to do with black construction paper and white paint. Also coordinates with the Spider Story Web. You will need: Black construction paper cut to fit into a 9 X 13 pan or other pan that is 2 inches deep. White paint and a spider decoration such as a ring. Optional:glitter Place paper into the pan. Put the marble into the white
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Natural Fall Wreath

These natural fall wreaths are beautiful and help to develop fine motor skills. Kids use their fingers to pick up objects to place on their wreath. You could make an activity of going on a nature walk with a bag and collect many of these objects. I sometimes like to add colorful popcorn kernels.   Collect acorns, seeds from pumpkins or trees, small pinecones
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