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Mixing colors using magnets/paints/letterMm

Letter Mm and magnets are brought to life in this fun activity/craft. It utilizes eye-hand coordination and balance and the science of magnets is fully explored. Kids are fascinated by this project. You will need: A metal pan 9X11″ works well. A piece of construction paper cut to fit inside the metal pan. A few magnetic marbles and a magnetic wand. Paint (washable is
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Apples and Worms-Building Fine Motor Skills

This activity helps to build hand strength which improves a child’s cutting and writing. It also ties in nicely with the story “The Red House with No Windows and No Doors and a Star Inside”. You will need: Red, yellow, or green construction paper Brown pipe cleaner, cut in half Hole punchers that preschoolers are able to use Directions: Cut an apple shape out
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Apples and acorns begin with letter A

Letter A Apples and acorns begin with letter Aa Cut out letter A and glue to a piece of construction paper. Glue  on apple and acorn sequins or stamp with acorn and apple stampers. “Apple and Acorn begin with Aa”. This helps children learn both A sounds. Writing out this sentence also  teaches that the first letter of a word in a sentence is
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Learning new names

In the beginning of the year it is difficult for children to learn everyone names. Here are two fun ways to help children learn each others names as well as the teachers’ name. The first game, Circle game, is a good way to begin the school year. The second game Guess who’s under the blanket is requested almost daily all year long. 1.Circle Game.
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Nocturnal Animal Stick Puppet

Nocturnal Animals Stick puppet Children love learning new big words. Using these stick puppets helps them to remember which animals come out at night and helps them remember the word Nocturnal. Make stick puppets of several nocturnal animals.  A racoon, owl, cat, tree frog, and a mouse. You can print out the animals from a coloring book or website and have your child color
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