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Pumpkin Surprise Story

Pumpkin Surprise This is a fun fall activity and story that can be done anywhere. You need a piece of  orange construction paper and a pair of scissors. I prefer to cut rather than to tear.  Author is Dr. Jean Feldman

Disappearing Ghost Story

Kids are fascinated by a disappearing ghost. They’ll ask you to do this again and again. Wipe a chalkboard clean with a damp sponge. Plan to tell a story about a ghost. You can make one up or read Georgie and the Robbers by Robert Bright. Before you begin the story take the damp sponge and draw the shape of a ghost on the
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Pumpkin Math

Pumpkin Math You Need: A pumpkin and a piece of yarn for each child to estimate the circumference of the pumpkin. Directions: Each child cuts a length of yarn estimating how long the yarn needs to be to go around the pumpkin. Allow each child to wrap the yarn around the pumpkin. Make a chart with columns: Too small     Too Large     Just Right. Place
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Bat Basics-Echo Location Game

  Bats are fascinating creatures. The only mammals that can fly, bats use their wings as a blanket to wrap themselves as they sleep to keep warm. Some bats eat up to 1200 mosquitos in 1 hour. Bats are nocturnal and use echolocation to find their way and prey. Kids love this game which teaches how echo location works and what the word means.
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Owl Puppet

Owl Paper Bag Puppet This paper bag hand puppet is a nice activity to do in the Fall. You can use it to teach about nocturnal creatures and shapes and the letter Oo. You will need: A paper bag Yellow construction paper cut into 2  1 3/4″ diameter circles (one set of eyes for each owl). Brown construction paper cut into 2  1″ circles
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