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Candle centerpiece

This is a project that we do when we’re finished playing with beans in our sensory table. We use the beans to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece.

You will need:

A taper candle-orange is nice but red or white works too

A plastic cup 4″ tall

Assorted beans-black, red, green, yellow, and white

White school glue


Mix beans in a bowl to mix up the colors. Add about halfway up cup. Pour some glue over top to coat. Place candle in the center and push down through the beans so the candle touches the bottom of the cup. The glue should seep down through the beans. Be sure the candle is centered in the cup and is standing straight.

Add more beans until it reaches 1″ below the top. Pour glue over top the beans again to coat. The glue continues to seep down through the beans. It may take several days to dry but glue should dry clear.


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