Christmas Sleigh or Winter Sled

This sled is great as a party favor or place holder. Use colors of blue and silver for a winter sled and green and red for a Christmas sleigh. You will need: Snack size candy bars that are rectangular in shape.For the Christmas sleigh I used Kit Kats and Andes mints. For the Winter sled I used a snack size Peppermint patty, Vanilla Tootsie
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Christmas or Victorian Ornament

This is a project for children 4 and up. You could make a green wreath with berries using green and red bells or maybe a Victorian wreath using silver and a rose colored bow. You will need: For each wreath you need 15   1/2 inch  or 12.7mm bells( for the green and red wreath I used 12 green and 3 red bells) A pipe
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Candle centerpiece

This is a project that we do when we’re finished playing with beans in our sensory table. We use the beans to make a Thanksgiving centerpiece. You will need: A taper candle-orange is nice but red or white works too A plastic cup 4″ tall Assorted beans-black, red, green, yellow, and white White school glue Directions: Mix beans in a bowl to mix up
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Tasty Turkey Treats

Create tasty turkeys using doughnut holes, candy corn, milk duds, candy eyes, and chocolate to glue it together. For the 4 year old children, I make the turkey heads but the kids do the rest. You will need: Doughnut holes ( I like Dunkin- chocolate glazed).  Keep in the refrigerator until needed. Candy Corn (kids can break off white tips- save white tips to
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Halloween Math-What Patterns Can You Make?

This is a cute way to use Halloween shapes to make patterns. Begin with a simple pattern that you place at the top of the paper. I made this by cutting a Halloween garland into pieces.   You will need: Two or three Halloween shapes. I used pumpkins with two different faces, one silly face and one happy face and a ghost. I placed
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