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Bat Crackers

These yummy crackers are easy to make. Kids can use a bat cookie cutter to cut them out and a pastry brush or fingers to brush on olive or seasoned oil. Check out my other bat activities.

Bat Shaped Crackers

You will need:

Flour tortilla shells

Olive oil

Seasoning salt

Bat cookie cutter (or paring knife)

Pastry brush (fingers work too)


Stack 3 or 4 tortilla shells onto a cutting board. Cut through the layers with the cookie cutter or paring knife.

Place bats onto a tray lined with parchment paper.

Use a pastry brush and brush olive oil onto bats. Lightly sprinkle seasoning salt onto bats.

Broil for a few minutes until brown. It takes about 2 minutes but watch carefully so they don’t burn.

Optional: Use the cookie cutter to cut bat shapes from slices of cheese to go on the crackers.


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