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Witch Finger play

This is a fun finger play to do with the witch finger puppet also on this site. Silly witch I saw a silly witch last night flying past the pale moonlight She swooped up high above the trees And then down low brushing the leaves She landed softly by my feet And sweetly said  “Trick or Treat”

Witches Brew Activity

I begin using this idea a few weeks before Halloween. Kids love coming up with new and interesting ideas of what to put in our witches brew. My favorite idea was “stinky morning breath”. When a child came up with this one we all breathed into our brew. Tell the children you’re going to make witches brew and put things in that are yucky
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Witches Hat Snack

This is just fun to make and eat. Kids can do lots of it by themselves from unwrapping the Hershey kiss to spreading the icing.You may need to help them hold the bag but they can squeeze out the icing.   You will need: Hershey kisses, one for each hat Fudge striped Keebler cookie Icing purple and orange. Writing tip for the orange icing
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Disappearing ghost

Make a ghost that kids can make appear and disappear again and again. You will need: a black cup, Halloween stamps, craft stick, white paint and a ghost shape cut out of construction paper. Directions: Have kids us Halloween stamps and white paint to print onto the black cup. Have the ghost shape cut out or if kids are old enough they can cut
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Weave a spider web

Kids use fine motor skills to weave a spider web using cardboard and yarn. This takes some thought and hand-eye coordination to be able to turn the cardboard as they weave. You will need: 4-5 inch square of cardboard with 4-5 notches cut along each side. Make each side have the same number of notches. White or black yarn Plastic spider rings Directions: Begin
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