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Painting with ice

  Create liquid paint using powdered paint and ice. As the ice melts, the water mixes with the powder to make liquid paint. You will need: Powdered tempra paint Ice cubes Fingerpaint paper Directions: Sprinkle dry powdered paint onto fingerpaint paper. Give child an ice cube. The child moves the ice cube around the powdered paint. As the ice melts, the powder becomes liquid.
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Snow Cream-Cream of Wheat

I grew up in Maryland where we couldn’t wait for the first snowfall. My mother would send us out to scrape off the top layer of snow and put a few cups into a bowl. We would then add milk, sugar, vanilla to the snow and stir or put into a blender. This is a recipe that comes closest to the flavor and texture
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Snowman Family

This project is so very cute but I must warn you, it’s easy to get carried away-I did. The original idea came from  http://www.thatartistwoman.org/2010/11/family-snowman-portraits.html. Working with 4 year old’s, it took us 1 week to complete. You will need: 8X10″ canvas for up to a family of 5 9X12″ canvas for larger families White and baby blue acrylic paint Sponges that you cut into
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Santa Handprint

Hand print Santa You can make a card from the hand print or a Christmas decoration. So cute! You will need: Blank card ( 12 X 18 piece of construction paper cut in half and then folded in half to make a card. Red, pink, white, and black paint White pop pop or cotton ball. Directions: Paint the heel and the thumb of the
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Angel Wallhanging

One of my favorite projects. This is a gift we make for the parents for Christmas. You will need: Muslin fabric 12 by 12 inches per child. Fold down one end about 3/4 inch and sew. This will be the top. Blue  acrylic paint-I like French Blue White acrylic paint Dowel rods which fit into the pocket you create by sewing one end Flesh
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