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Apple Antics

I have all the children in the class bring in one apple, any color. We then take the apples and do the following activities before making applesauce.

What can you do with apples?

If you have lots of different colored apples you can:Basket of apples

Sort and graph them by color.

Add and subract them.

Make a pattern such as red, green, yellow, red, green, then ask “What comes next”?

Make predictions on how each color of apple will taste. Are your predictions correct?

Measure the circumference of one apple using a piece of yarn. Compare to other items making predictions as to whether the apple is larger in circumference or smaller.

What makes apples fruits? Compare apples to other types of fruit.

Cut an apple horizontally and read the story The Red House with No Windows and No Doors and a Star Inside (read the story first so you know when to cut the apple).

Make applesauce.


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