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Angel Wallhanging

One of my favorite projects. This is a gift we make for the parents for Christmas.

Angel Wallhanging

You will need:

Muslin fabric 12 by 12 inches per child. Fold down one end about 3/4 inch and sew. This will be the top.

Blue  acrylic paint-I like French Blue

White acrylic paint

Dowel rods which fit into the pocket you create by sewing one end

Flesh tone acrylic paint (round lid-I used a lid from a Clorox bottle to make a perfect circle for the angel’s head)

Glitter paint pen-I like gold

Sponge applicators


Have a bucket of soapy warm water next to you. Have child take off one shoe and sock. Brush off child’s foot. Paint using the blue paint and a sponge applicator. Be sure to paint the child’s entire foot including the toes.

I hold the child’s foot and have them stand onto their other foot. Press the child’s foot so that their toes face the bottom and are closer to the bottom of the muslin. This allows room at the top for the Angel’s head and halo.

Allow to dry (several hours).

Next place the fabric so that the heel is up. Paint the child’s hands white and press onto the muslin on each side of the foot towards the top. Keep the child’s fingers together.

Paint the edges of the cap and press paint side down so that it touches the heel. This is the angel’s head. Using a brush, fill inside the circle.

Draw the angel’s halo with the glitter pen.

Make a face with a Sharpie. I keep it simple drawing two eyes and a mouth.




  • Anne

    Our daughter made this craft and it was her Christmas gift to us. I have to say, it was the best gift we could have hoped for and will be a treasure that we’ll cherish through the years as she grows up and we look back and see how small her hands and feet were at age 4. We will definitely have our son make one, too!

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