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Apples and Worms-Building Fine Motor Skills

This activity helps to build hand strength which improves a child’s cutting and writing. It also ties in nicely with the story “The Red House with No Windows and No Doors and a Star Inside”.

You will need:

Apples and worms

Red, yellow, or green construction paper

Brown pipe cleaner, cut in half

Hole punchers that preschoolers are able to use


Cut an apple shape out of red, yellow, or green construction paper. Using the hole punchers, allow child to punch as many holes as they would like.

Give child the brown pipe cleaner (worm) to place in and out of several holes.


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  • Natalie

    This was SUCH a creative and wonderful project and it tied together so many skills and themes! Our preschooler not only appreciated the fact that “A is for Apple” which was the letter of the week, but he was able to practice fine-motor skills with this project too. It reinforced the story he heard that day in class too! It’s projects like these that seal the skills taught and make a real imprint on the path to mastering important skills. Awesome!!!

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