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Jean RaifordWhen my own two children were two years old, I began teaching them to cook and bake. I realized that I could use that time to also teach many other things such as language, reading, math, science, and about their community. I noticed their self-esteem, confidence and creativity grew, and they were able to exercise teamwork and cooperation. They were also more likely to try the food that they helped to make.

A few years later I started teaching at Millian Methodist Preschool in Rockville,MD. I began using what I had learned with my own children in the classroom with the preschoolers. Twenty years later I am still teaching at the preschool and have not found a child yet who hasn’t loved to cook , read books, and do the activities that I developed to go with my cooking program.

In 2012, I founded “Preschool Parfait” in response to the numerous parents and educators who have requested a copy or guide to the activities, recipes, songs, and crafts I have done with my classes over the years. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you, and always love to hear your ideas, as well.